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Service providers should be scrambling to digitally transform the Indian cricket market

Mar 9, 2020 Josh Matthews

Service providers digitally transforming a sport is a common press release headline, but the Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket tournament has yet to see any real attention from providers, despite a $7 billion (and growing) annual revenue and a 2.5 billion-strong global fanbase. Enterprise sponsors of the IPL are plentiful, and if providers’ recent activity in the sporting world is anything to go by, the opportunity to be the digital partner of the IPL won’t be around for much longer. The IPL has become, quite frankly, massive —and many providers’ roots are set deep in India; it’s not just an opportunity for sponsorship or a platform to demonstrate a technology capability. In the world’s biggest base of cricket fans and players, being the IPL’s main digital partner will help one lucky provider to better-attract local technical talent, as well as tapping into the IPL’s huge and growing international interest.

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