Points of View

The Ants are different, even compelling, but can they drive a genuine integrated automation proposition for an industry that really needs one?

2019 was a high-octane year for AntWorks - and it laid critical groundwork for 2020. The firm generated a lot of goodwill with its “hip to be square” culture and extravert use of marketing, the color orange, and various ant analogies. A specific focus on engaging with analysts has got them into conversations where some of its competitors, such as Nice, Kryon and Softomotive have struggled.  They have eyed the massive marketing hype generated by UiPath and Automation Anywhere, tried to hop onto the broad industry automation narrative, while successfully not being seen as “yet another RPA”.  While this has been a smart play, it has also created the headache of trying to explain to the industry that its compelling data ingestion solution adds the most value when it is combined with RPA. The 2020 HFS Top 10 of RPA software products saw AntWorks attain the second-placed ranking for innovation and embedded intelligence.

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