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The Decade to Deliver: Service providers must take advantage of CEOs’ drive for sustainability 

Dec 16, 2019 Ollie O’Donoghue Josh Matthews

Sustainable change must be nothing short of complete business re-engineering. It must happen at an industry levelwith enterprises, governments, and all third-party sectorsand not be sidelined into LED lightbulbs and fluffy PR. A recent survey by the UN Global Compact and Accenture tracks how companies and their CEOs are shifting toward sustainability and the Global Goals, formerly the UN Sustainable Development Goals; the 2020s have been dubbed the self-explanatory “decade to deliver.” As we’ve highlighted in previous reports, this is a prime opportunity for service providers and technology vendors to build solutions and services that help their clients make this decade count. At a high level, they must embed sustainability in their existing services, sure up their partnership and co-creation strategies, and ultimately set up dedicated arms to be the front for their sustainability services prowess. 

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