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Unisys’ investment in security, automation and cloud capabilities moves the firm to stable growth, and should add them to your selection process


For as long as HFS has been in business, Unisys has been the poster child of a traditional IT services firm grappling with the onslaught of offshore delivery and, more recently, the new digital services market. For over a decade, the firm has posted revenue declines, but under its new strategy and new CEO, the firm is reversing its fortunes by focusing on security, cloud, and automation (see Exhibit 1). This market decisiveness is a boon for large service providers; in a space occupied by firms trying to do everything, standing out is more about deciding what you won’t do. At a recent analyst event in New York, we spent some time with executives and clients from Unisys, who are aiming to bring the firm back on track. For enterprise leaders looking for a partner, this hails the return of one of the most trusted firms in the space.


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