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Wipro is redefining how clients navigate digital services: Enterprise leaders must shift mindsets to leverage the firm’s growing capabilities

Nov 4, 2019 Ollie O’Donoghue Sam Duncan Josh Matthews Callum Moore


One of the major defining characteristics of the IT services market for the past decade has been traditional firms’ ability to reinvent themselves as digital. The challenges are myriad. First, the core IT business isn’t going anywhere; it’s an essential building block of the modern enterprise. And yet, providers must also bring in a raft of broader digital capabilities, including elusive design talent. While we’ve already charted Wipro’s ongoing mission to move away from traditional IT services, during a recent visit to its London innovation labs, the latest step became clearer. If Wipro clients want to get the most out of the firm, they must use the firm’s growing consulting arm as the doorway to the rest of the firm’s capabilities across strategy, design, and technology. 

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