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Automation Will Trim 1.4 Million Global Services Jobs by 2021

Jul 4, 2016 Phil Fersht Jamie Snowdon Tom Reuner

It's time we dispelled the scaremongering and hype and gave you the true picture of how advances in automation tools and methodologies such as RPA and autonomics will impact the global IT services and BPO industry over the next five years.


The current debate on these issues is as polarizing as it is confusing. On the consumer-facing side of technology, we have a fervent and far-reaching debate about the ethics of artificial intelligence and automation, led by executives from the likes of Google and Facebook. On the enterprise side, we frequently see quotes from studies from firms such as McKinsey and Gartner predicting seismic job losses through the impact of disruptive technologies that could have a devastating impact on the global economy and society in the next few years.


​HfS has been pioneering research into emerging enterprise Intelligent Automation solutions and frameworks, being the first analyst to frame the debate in 2012. This new research from HfS shows, for the first time, the true impact of Intelligent Automation on job creation and elimination in the global IT services and business process services industry.​


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