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The BPO Profession in 2015: Today’s Accidental Career Path, Tomorrow’s Capability Broker

Apr 15, 2015 Phil Fersht Barbra McGann

This research report highlights many positive aspects of the BPO career that lead to a role that HfS is calling the "Capability Broker." The Capability Broker is the operations executive who is leveraging effective internal and external partnerships to drive a collaborative effort that is focused on achieving a business outcome. People in these roles view them as vehicles for driving innovation and change within their organization, and are excited about the potential for leveraging BPO to achieve business results.


There is widespread industry recognition that BPO should be a force for innovation and change, agreed strongly by 85% buyers, 92% service providers and 87% advisors. Over two-thirds (67%) also say that skills to drive business outcomes beyond cost reduction are significantly increasing in importance. Additionally, professionals believe that technology is making BPO a more attractive carer choice.


We are at a point in time in which "a new profession has been born," as described by Christopher Stancombe, Capgemini CEO for BPO. Now is the time to clearly define and recognize this profession and the positive impact it is having on businesses.

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