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Bringing Collaboration and Innovation to Public/Private Partnerships

Jul 6, 2016 Reetika Fleming

The British Columbia Ministry of Finance (the Ministry) plays a critical role in the financial and economic infrastructure within the Canadian province by establishing, implementing and reviewing the government’s economic, fiscal, financial management and taxation policies. The Ministry is responsible for delivering fair, efficient and effective tax administration, and revenue and treasury management that fund government programs, services and infrastructure essential to citizens of British Columbia. The Ministry is also responsible for the management of a fair and efficient system for revenue and debt collection.


In 2003, the Ministry recognized the need to improve how they were collecting non-tax receivables. In particular, the largest program, Medical Service Premiums, faced two critical issues: 1) declining customer service and 2) a rapidly growing accounts receivables balance.


The Revenue Management Project (RMP) was conceived to address the root causes of these issues – antiquated technologies and inefficient processes. The Ministry's vision was an integrated revenue management platform to enable citizen-centric interaction with the government leading to improved customer service and increased voluntary compliance.


Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has helped the Ministry transform their operations and achieve its vision for a citizen-centric revenue management center of excellence.


The Ministry has realized multi-fold business benefits by working with HPE, including the following:


  • Improved revenue generation and a reduced number of accounts in collections
  • Restructured processes and working relationships that allowed the Ministry to accelerate the level of innovation brought to their operations
  • Increased efficiency, effectiveness, and ROI, including expanded capabilities, scalability, and cost savings​

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