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Transforming Customer Support Into a Profit Center with CSS Corp

Nov 28, 2016

Customer support, traditionally operating within reactive call centers and typically the focus of cost cutting initiatives, can be the center of revenue generating activity. Creating and managing customer experience is increasingly critical to growing a business through loyal customers who are happy to not just "stay onboard" but expand their scope of services and loop in their own networks. Companies need to better understand these customers, and even anticipate their needs and wants. Doing so means better understanding who they are, and also their networks of systems and support, to manage across them for a smoother, trouble-free, digital environment.

A good example of enabling revenue-generating support is CSS Corp’s Premium Tech Support (PTS), which can monetize out- of-warranty and in-warranty contacts by offering customers paid support. CSS Corp’s experience of managing more than 1,000 multi-brand products and more than a billion transactions offers alternate revenue channels, increases customer lifetime value and enhanced customer stickiness. This is achieved via CSS Corp’s Active Suite, which delivers advanced automation and analytics capabilities to study customer behaviors and provides proactive offers to the user and autonomic’ resolution. In this context, we use autonomic to describe background self-healing product support actions.

After spending some time with CSS Corp and interviewing a couple of their clients, we share this company's move to shift the focus on  customer service support centers from a cost of business to revenue generating opportunities.

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