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Enterprise leaders must find providers actively investing in innovation across the ecosystem

We seem to talk about innovation endlessly—it’s what we need to keep our customers or woo them from our rivals, and it’s our route to a low-cost nirvana or new revenue streams. But at its core, many enterprises and, indeed, service providers still look at innovation as something they can engineer internally. The reality is that start-ups and disruptors bring a disproportionate amount of ideas and solutions to the market, so when enterprise leaders choose a major IT services firm, they need to make sure that their service provider has a clear strategy for investing, incubating, and evolving the potential of start-ups within its ecosystem.

The problem for enterprise leaders is that service providers are quick to promise such an ecosystem, but very few can deliver one. Enterprise leaders must learn to differentiate between providers that are full of hot air and those who have actually developed an innovation ecosystem—Wipro appears to be the latter.

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