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Generali Case Study: Every Insurer Needs a Solid Foundation for Digital

Each modern enterprise has a distinct set of challenges that inhibit their ability to embrace digital transformation. For the insurance industry, the myriad challenges stretch from changing customer expectations to legacy operating models that rely on traditional communication channels. However, in such a competitive and rapidly changing industry, insurance carriers are investigating opportunities that new operating models and digital technologies can offer.


All too often the focus of digital transformation rests on the front office and innovative new applications, communication channels, and technologies such as intuitive chatbots to improve touch-point interactions for current customers and entice new ones. While this is an important part of an enterprise’s move to embrace digital, it can often be powerless without digitalization in the middle and back office. For example, a beautifully designed new app may improve the customer experience by providing a more intuitive interface, but if the supporting services behind the application lack the speed and responsiveness to go with it, customers are likely to see through it.


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