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F&A Services is a Buyer’s Market – Choose Your Destination Wisely

Nov 3, 2017 Barbra McGann Hema Santosh

Insights from the F&A Blueprint Research


The F&A  business process services outsourcing and operations market today is like being in a “choose your own adventure” story. The market has matured to a point where there are a number of service providers with experience, mixes of new and legacy technology, and consulting talent and global delivery networks – all options for designing touchless, agile, insighful and collaborative finance operations. On one hand, we still hear service buyers talk about labor arbitrage or today’s alternative – “RPA arbitrage”. Then, on the other hand,  we increasingly hear of impatience or excitement about what these options can do to blend talent and technology – platforms, robotic process automation, and artificial intelligence – to deliver business outcomes in a “OneOffice” scenario. There is more discussion about how to manage strategic versus tactical partnerships, how to contract and govern the increasing use of technology, realize the “talk” about innovation, and balance on-site/on-shore/off-shore resourcing. Is F&A outsourcing a commodity or is it being reimagined?  It’s really the buyer’s choice.

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