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Five Ways Automation and AI Are Enabling As-a-Service Delivery

Jun 28, 2015

The “legacy business process outsourcing” model of solution development and delivery has been with us for several decades now and while less than ideal has still got some legs left in it yet for many clients. With a core focus on labor arbitrage based benefits there remain enterprises for whom this is still a business benefit that they have yet to fully exploit. For other enterprises however, those levers have been pulled to their maximum and a desire exists to move towards a new, more flexible, more rewarding model for service delivery with As­-a-­Service components. This shift to a new model doesn’t just happen just because leading enterprises are willing it. Instead, it requires changes in capability, commercial models and technology to make it happen. In particular, the emergence of new technologies in process automation and artificial intelligence are helping to make this happen. Over the last 24 months we have seen five particular ways that process automation and artificial intelligence is helping to enable the arrival of As-a-Service delivery for the enterprise.

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