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Go big or … specialize. Chris Caldwell chats on contact center convergence


Contact centers are alive and well, but they have changed immensely over the last few years and are still evolving. The next generation of contact center firms doesn’t reflect the legacy world of scripted, low-value, transactional phone calls; it’s more about intelligent engagement supported by automation and augmented by AI. Changing customer expectations have impacted this space for years, and now we’re seeing a shakeout among the provider firms.


Arguably, no one knows this better than Chris Caldwell of Concentrix; he has been overseeing the fusion of two contact center behemoths for the last nine months. With a unique perspective from the helm of the contact center firm with the second-highest market share in a highly fragmented market (at 8.3%, more than double the third-largest competitor in the space), Chris is bullish on the dynamics that will disrupt this industry in the coming months and fuel Concentrix’ growth.


While the CRM BPO (business process outsourcing) market is experiencing healthy overall growth, we are seeing the decline of revenue generated by voice-only agents and a steady increase in text-only interaction modes, as well as the interesting element of combined talent that is capable of handling both text and voice communication (Exhibit 1). In sync with this dynamic, clients are demanding more technology, more integration, and more strategic value from their partners. The demand for integrated solutions means contact center companies need to invest significantly in automation. Plus, the competitive space is heating up with IT services and consulting providers jumping in to get a piece of the action.

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