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HfS FORA New York: are we just kicking the can of job elimination down the road?

The HfS FORA event in New York focused on actions enterprises must take to understand the importance of these change-agents and emerging technologies, and how to apply them to their businesses effectively. It also explored the pace of change: how fast is it really happening, when balancing all the hype, promoted business cases and rhetoric from consultants, services providers and software suppliers?  Never has there been a greater need for a mature industry conversation that’s free from sales propaganda.


This is a record of the key findings from the event, examining what organization’s need to do to keep thriving in today’s disruptive world. How should data best be used to help see through the digital fog that has descended on the operations world?  And how can better gains be made with the help of HfS’ Touchless OneOffice conceptual framework, which is redefining business operations?

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