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How are PLM Service Providers Developing their PLM Capabilities?

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Services is a growing market as there is a renewed interest from manufacturing companies. PLM service providers are developing their strategies and making investments in developing their PLM capabilities.


We have released our HfS PLM Services Blueprint Report recently, where we did a detailed evaluation of 13 PLM service providers. During our research, we came across different PLM growth and investment strategies, which we will discuss it in detail here. In this PoV, we discuss the top strategies adopted by the PLM service providers to expand their PLM business, key differentiators as a provider of PLM services and the major changes implemented to boost PLM Services capabilities in recent times. These insights are critical for both enterprises and PLM service providers. PLM service providers can use these insights to compare and benchmark their strategies, investments, and differentiation with their industry peers, and identify their areas of improvement. The enterprises can also use these insights to compare and benchmark their internal PLM capabilities and investments.

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