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How the Ask Avnet Cognitive Assistant Became a Critical Part of the Customer Life Cycle

Feb 19, 2019 Elena Christopher

In today’s era of disruptive business models, enterprises across all industries are anxious to maintain their relevance and competitive edge, and this is especially true of the high-tech sector, where digital innovation is at the core everything. And as a technology company it’s a double-edged sword: not only must your digital products and services offer differentiation and value, but you also need to keep innovating your own operations to stay competitive and ensure adequate time-to-market to stay ahead of your customers’ needs. A Fortune 500 provider of global technology solutions, Avnet, is on a mission to reinvent the role of the electronics distributor, elevating customer experience within business-to-business (B2B) ecosystems and breaking down brand silos. This Voice of the Customer report showcases a key element of Avnet’s digital transformation strategy, Ask Avnet, a cognitive assistant platform, developed in collaboration with its technology services partner Infosys. Ask Avnet is a tangible example of Avnet’s digital transformation strategy in action and a living example of a tech company’s journey to the Digital OneOffice.

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