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Insurance Viewpoint: Use the Power of “AND” to Transform Operations

Jul 3, 2017 Reetika Fleming

Last week, we connected with two CIOs and a sourcing head working with specialty and Fortune 500 insurance carriers as a part of our various insurance research projects. Often we find the bellwether of market trends in patterns and themes, but these three recent interactions demonstrate the diversity in thinking and action in pushing the Digital OneOffice™ agenda. Our conversations also outlined how senior roles are starting to evolve to address the challenges.


Our research framework at HfS refers to several levers that organizations are starting to use to drive new sources of value in their operating models. Some levers, like using shared service centers to consolidate resources, are familiar. Others, like self-learning cognitive systems, are new categories altogether. The three recent conversations with insurance leaders illustrate that organizations are thinking through “What” to apply “When” and “How”.

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