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Is Your IoT Operation Ready for the Future?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a technology trend that has caught the imagination of technical and business folks alike with the promise of billions of connected devices and trillions of dollars of value creation. After the initial hype settles down, there is a serious question of how and where value will be created in the IoT.


Today, the focus of the IoT is on productization and deployment, and here, product vendors and software vendors are making money. However, for the enterprise, the real value is in business services in the IoT Operations phase. Although the invoices of product vendors and software vendors are cleared in the IoT Productization and IoT Deployment phases, for enterprises, the monetization or value generation will be in the IoT Operations phase.


IoT business services should run uninterrupted, and any challenges should be diagnosed or predicted early. Only then can the business value be delivered. Therefore, business value is dependent on the operational stability of the IoT. The operational stability is determined by technical support, managed services, and operational analytics. Today, operations are small. Thus, the magnitude of challenges is small, but it will not be so in the future. IoT operations should be made future-proof. Although enterprises cannot predict the future, they can anticipate its characteristics and plan accordingly. For future-proofing IoT operations, enterprises should anticipate the future challenges or value inhibitors and start preparing to face them.

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