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The Journey to Intelligent Operations in Healthcare

Aug 4, 2016 Barbra McGann

A pivotal factor for being truly effective in delivering the vision of better health and care at a more reasonable cost for the healthcare industry is a singular, coordinated, interactive, and interoperable approach in operations, what we at HfS call the Intelligent OneOffice.


OneOffice is all about how the use of data and digital technology play a role in bringing together the middle and back office to enable a user experience that matters, thereby having an impact on health, care, and the viability of healthcare organizations and businesses.


Recently, HfS launched a survey to take a pulse on the use of talent and technology to achieve Intelligent Operations. Intelligent Operations is the evolution of traditional Business Process Outsourcing Services that create additional value for enterprises by bringing the Ideals of the As-a-Service Economy into process delivery. We looked at the role of service providers and the use emerging solutions for operations, such as automation, analytics and digital technologies, and how they are providing a catalyst for enterprises to adopt intelligent business operating models in a radically different way than in the past.


Our study on achieving Intelligent Operations, with input from Cognizant's Center for the Future of Work and Business Process Services practice, canvassed 371 major buy-side enterprises and had 45 healthcare executive participants.

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