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Lack of Automation Revenue Model Spells Disaster for Service Providers

Oct 11, 2015 Phil Fersht Tom Reuner

There’s been no shortage of attention given to the topic of automation and autonomics over the past year, and it’s become abundantly clear that there is no pre-written rulebook for success, as many enterprises and service providers venture into unknown waters. In fact, it’s making more strategic sense in the short-term for enterprises to figure out what not to automate.


Syntel’s SyntBots platform, as an example, is well-aligned with HfS’s notion of Intelligent Automation. It ranges from low-level scripting over RPA, through to Autonomics to DevOps. The latter provides a critical differentiation to many of its peers and is underpinned by a vertical jumpstart library to accelerate deployments for specific vertical use cases.

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