Points of View

Lessons from the RPA Trenches

Dec 17, 2015 Tom Reuner

The recent HfS Working Summit for Service Buyers in Harvard Square, as well as HfS participation during the Automation Innovation conferences in New York and London, made it clear that the while the discourse on Intelligent Automation is maturing and has become more complex, there are still many questions for both enterprises and service providers on this topic.

We see this maturation of Intelligent Automation in the scale and breadth of the deployments that are reported to us and in the insights captured upon reflection on the practical experiences of all parties during the automation implementations. However, despite this noticeable shift in maturation there is a scarcity of case studies and reference material outlining the lessons learnt from the early deployments. Service providers remain coy about the educating the market as the impact on revenue models is not yet well understood and many fear the transparency created by automation into operating relationships as well. Similarly, enterprises continue to be reluctant speaking in public about their experiences and putting their brands into reference material on the subject as well.

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