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Leadership teams have a vital role to play in the future of talent—they must take it seriously



There is an imminent talent crisis facing most enterprises. At one end of their business, teams are facing existential change as large portions of their work are automated away or replaced entirely by digital technologies. At the other end, the impossible prospect of getting enough people with the right skills is hampering enterprise ambitions. If organizations are to survive this new world, they must take their role in the future of talent seriously or else risk becoming a victim of an increasingly acute talent war.


From influencing education to building frameworks for professionals—enterprise leaders must pick up the reins


One of the key takeaways from a recent summit is that enterprise leaders are just making it up as they go along. In Exhibit 1, we can see that even with the best intentions, most organizations simply don’t have a clue about the future of talent in their firms—whether they’re honest and admit they don’t know or they find solace in the cliched response of finding misplaced staff new technologies or more data-centric work to do.


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