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Minimize the "soul-crushing" work in Tax Management using AI at scale

AI is Nascent, New, Hard… and Inevitable. The “why” and “what” of AI have largely been defined… now it’s getting to the hard task of “how.” Most enterprises realize that the risk of not investigating and experimenting outweighs the risk of trying and failing, and have accepted AI as an inevitable part of business moving forward. But few have successfully implemented AI technology at scale to reach the promised land.

Enter Steve Rainey, Chief Innovation Officer, Tax at KPMG LLP. Steve has been a strong advocate for continually improving the company’s services through innovative approaches, including working with teams to reinvent how to execute services in the age of Artificial Intelligence.

HFS’ Chief Strategy Officer, Saurabh Gupta had the opportunity to interview Steve on his AI journey at KPMG’s Executive Symposium in Austin earlier this month. Here is an excerpt of their conversation about the scope, current progress, and future direction of an ambitious AI-driven journey for KPMG.

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