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Mphasis Clients: Exploit their growth plans to match your OneOffice ambitions

Over two years have passed since Mphasis moved out of HP’s shadow thanks to a record buyout from private equity firm The Blackstone Group. The prominent hire in January 2017 of CEO Nitin Rakesh has had made an impressive impact focusing the firm’s strategic goals and improving its financial performance. For existing clients, now is the time to see if you can get more bang for your buck with a firm eager to invest with ambitious clients.


Mphasis is expanding out of its back-office safe space, which could transform your point solution to an end-to-end engagement


As traditional silos blur and break down across front and back offices, modern enterprises need a technology partner that can get to grips with their entire business environment. It’s no longer safe (or lucrative) to focus solely on refining processes in the back office. For this reason, it seems Mphasis has pivoted out of its traditional core stomping ground to take on the full gamut of digital business needs.  The HFS OneOffice Framework demonstrates how Mphasis is seeking to deliver more expansive front-to-back office services:


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