Points of View

Power to the People: Practical Perspectives on the Workplace

Dec 30, 2013
High-profile studies have been published for years by human resource consulting firms about the woeful state of employee engagement, but none have asked practical and tactical questions about what the workforce really wants to be more engaged and productive.
So HfS conducted a first of its kind study worldwide of nearly 5,000 people working in all types of roles and industries to determine not just how many workers were engaged and how much (only 1 in 3 are engaged half the time or more), but the context of their workplaces and workdays to see where companies could offer simple solutions.
This report shares the very practical perspectives on what workers want from firms in terms of policies and technology solutions, as well as how they want to spend their time, the last variable resource available to all. It also provides recommendations to professionals supporting the workforce as to how they can rethink their roles and accountabilities in providing an improved employee experience.

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