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Profiling an Analytics Rising Star: Fractal Analytics

Jun 6, 2014 Reetika Fleming

Until 2012, HfS Research’s competitive assessments, known as Form Guide analyses, served as the predecessors to our now comprehensive Blueprint reports. In our ‘Offshore Analytics Providers Market Landscape and Form Guide Analysis’ in 2011, we profiled and assessed Fractal Analytics for the first time. We rated the service provider as a Contender for future competition to the analytics services leaders including IT, business process and consulting firms Accenture, Infosys and Genpact. Our comments at the time regarding the future success of Fractal hinged on the company’s ability to offer higher management attention to clients, along with competitive pricing and greater service depth for high-end analytics. Three years on, we caught up with Fractal Analytics' Pranay Agrawal (Co founder, EVP) for a briefing around its continued growth.

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