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SaaS Services Heat Maps

Feb 15, 2018 Khalda De Souza

Over the past 15 months, HfS Research has published 4 SaaS Services Blueprints:

  • HfS Blueprint Report: Workday Services 2016
  • HfS Blueprint Report: Salesforce Services 2017
  • HfS Blueprint Report: Microsoft Dynamics Services 2017
  • HfS Blueprint Report: SuccessFactors Services 2017

This included collecting information about practice size, client numbers and engagement numbers for each of these Blueprint reports. This report presents these numbers in a heat map format for each of these SaaS service markets. This report provides important competitive intelligence information for service providers and useful information about the strengths of the service providers for buyers.



  • How many people each service provider has in each SaaS service practice
  • How many certified consultants each service provider has in each SaaS service practice
  • The number of total engagements or clients each service provider has in each SaaS service market.


Enterprises either currently investing in or seeking to invest in these SaaS service engagements. Executive leaders and business unit leaders, technology leaders, advisors and outsourcing managers in the SaaS service sector.


  • Introduction to SaaS Services Heat Maps 2017
  • SaaS Services Service Providers in HfS SaaS Services Blueprint Reports
  • Salesforce Services: Practice Overview
  • Salesforce Services: Certifications Overview
  • SuccessFactors Services: Practice Overview
  • Microsoft Dynamics Services: Practice Overview
  • Workday Services: Practice Overview
  • Supplier Highlights
  • Supplier Challenges

SaaS Services Heat Maps

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