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Service providers to the public sector must fuel local-scale innovation to propel nationwide transformation

Aug 19, 2019 Josh Matthews


Citizens increasingly expect their local and national authorities to serve them with greater efficiency and accountability. Despite this, public sector digital transformation is still a very nascent space, with “best practice” hard to formulate and instill. If the providers who service the public sector hope to reap the benefits of the dire need for transformation – they must build ecosystems which provide the necessary innovation, talent, trust, accountability, communication, and outcomesvia combinations of startups, SMEs, and universities. Achieving local-scale outcomes will allow these consortiums to prize the attention of national policymakers – who will see their solutions as the best, most reliable option for nationwide transformation. 



Bloated IT contracts throughout worldwide public sectors have resulted in slow, troublesome adoptions of technology and innovations in government divisions, local authorities, and public services. Pressure is growing on governments to bring about the benefits that citizens expect to see for themselves – for example the streamlining of customer experiences in public services. 


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