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Taking the Robots out of Humans – A New Liberation in the Anvil

Dec 12, 2017 Phil Fersht

Automation technologies are more about liberating humans - or to be more specific, improving the engagement level and quality of their tasks, than challenging their daily bread. In a way, the automated processes deployed in businesses take the robots out of humans. By managing the repetitive, onerous and tedious tasks it provides the workforce with the opportunities for more right-brain pursuits that drive higher satisfaction.


However, the changes are just beginning to manifest themselves, future has just about begun. The next couple of years will see the impact of technologies like AI, ML, and blockchain more profoundly, both on businesses and employees.  What are those changes going to be? Are we truly moving away from physical to a completely digital organization? Is blockchain going to drive the next industrial revolution? Where do these technologies lead the human workforce? These are some of the questions that were deliberated upon in our recent webinar titled Taking the Robots out of Humans, where Phil Fersht, CEO and Chief Analyst, HfS Research spoke to Dr. Mary C. Lacity, Curators’ Distinguished Professor at University of Missouri - St. Louis and Visiting Scholar at MIT CISR, and Malcolm Frank, EVP, CMO and Chief Strategy Officer at Cognizant.

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