Points of View

TCS is the “Walmart of IT services,” but it needs to reach beyond its comfort IT clients to truly drive the Business 4.0 vision


HFS has started describing TCS as the “Walmart of IT services”—the firm can pretty much win any large deal it wants and deliver it effectively. TCS grew impressively at 9% last year to end 2018 at $19 billion in revenue with an envious operating margin of 25% (for comparison, Accenture has a 15% operating margin). Its “Experience Certainty” message underpins its execution focus and resonates with almost every client that we’ve interviewed over the last year. However, the same research also reveals that its brand perception around innovation continues to struggle despite its narrative around “Business 4.0” and “Machine First” and investments in R&D. Why is that? Is the underlying innovation capability lacking? Or is it TCS’ ultra-conservative style?

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