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The Clock is Ticking for Manufacturers to Embrace Digital Twins for Their Industry 4.0 Journey

Feb 15, 2019 Tanmoy Mondal

Digital twins—the virtual representation of a manufacturing environment and its physical assets, specifications, and data—has proven benefits when applied to manufacturing design, testing, and operations performance enhancement.


The concept has become a vital component for the discrete manufacturing industry, where it is being used as a digital clone of real-life production lines and products to recreate and simulate the physical design and manufacturing landscape. With their advanced 3D, AR-VR components, holograms, use of predictive analytics, and deep simulation capabilities, digital twins are promising manufacturing enterprise leaders non-linear gains not only in in optimizing production lines and operational performance but also in rapid product design, development, prototyping, and testing. Therefore, digital twins have become a mandatory solution to consider for any new-age manufacturing organization.


This report explores the advantages that the digital twin can bring to the manufacturing enterprises, the challenges of its implementation, the importance of ecosystems in the digital twin journey, and how Siemens is enabling its end-users for adopting digital twins.



Digital twin is among the top three technologies that are leveraged in Industry 4.0 engagements


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