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The Dos and Don’ts of Machine Learning with Infinia ML’s Robbie Allen

Oct 1, 2018 Reetika Fleming

HFS Research discussed the potential, hype, and progress of machine learning (ML) within enterprises in a candid conversation with Robbie Allen, CEO of Infinia ML. Robbie is currently writing a book titled Machine Learning in Practice, which includes his views informed by decades of academic and practical experience.


Q & A


Reetika Fleming, Research Director, HFS Research: First, how would you describe your vision for ML in the enterprise?


 Robbie Allen, CEO, Infinia ML: Nothing too controversial! There’s definitely a sense that more people are doing ML. In practice, most are thinking of getting started or have only just started. There are relatively few that have fully embraced ML in all its glory. That fact is due partly to the lack of talent, and partly to upwards of ten years of backlog of opportunities in ML. At the current rate of innovation, that’s only going to grow. This much is true—there won’t be a lack of opportunity of implementing ML, at least for the next decade.

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