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The Services Industry Stirs in its Sleep…But Can it Wake Up?

Oct 5, 2016 Phil Fersht Derk Erbé Barbra McGann Melissa O'Brien Jamie Snowdon Tom Reuner

In September 2016, HfS hosted its 13th Working Summit for services buyers at the Ritz-Carlton, in White Plains, New York.


Entitled Cognition, this three-day event focused on the global dynamics that are shaping the services world at the moment. Examining which of the current crop of hyper trends from automation, increasing the importance of security and risk management, regulatory changes, the rise of design thinking, to seamless omnichannel customer experiences will be key to unlocking the new as-a-service economy.


This PoV is our summary of the summit, highlighting the most important and valuable ideas we picked up during the event.

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