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Why a Smart Analytics Strategy Is Critical to Driving Your Digital OneOffice Transformation

Nov 21, 2018 Reetika Fleming

Analytics has gone past the point of being a “nice to have” capability and has become a “must have” for any business. It is critical for business leaders to think about getting value from data more deliberately and effectively than in the past. The impact of data and analytics initiatives has been limited thus far—usually limited to ad-hoc analyses and siloed data exploration.


Managing data has now become a strategic imperative for business growth: 79% of enterprises are planning or piloting smart analytics towards realizing speed to market, improved customer experience, and operating cost reduction (Exhibit 1). Business leaders have the opportunity to incorporate smart analytics to influence broad-based business outcomes, going beyond siloed world views. This POV explores embedding data and smart analytics across the C-Suite as the foundation of the digital OneOffice.


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