Points of View

Why ignio Gives TCS The Power To Shine

Jun 8, 2015

This week, HfS attended the global launch of ignio™, TCS’s new autonomics (TCS used the term “neural automation”) platform in New York City.  Several years in development, ignio™, provides two core capabilities for enterprise IT.  The first, is the ability to run a wide variety of IT processes autonomously that previously required significant human intervention and the second is a powerful scenario planning, “what if” modeling capability that allow CIOs and their teams to understand how the environment could be impacted and change over time.


Broad use cases for ignio™ that were shared during the launch included allowing enterprises to run daily “ready for business checks” to start operations, rapid resolution of IT incidents including active self-healing, systems management of on-boarding, automated systems provisioning and more all of which can be described today as part of what constitutes autonomics.  TCS will offer the platform as an independent service as software and also as part of TCS’s managed services offering.  Pricing for ignio wasn’t shared during the launch but more visibility on that should be forthcoming from TCS as they more broadly launch the platform in the coming weeks.


Unlike a few other neural/cognitive platform launches of late, ignio™ doesn’t interact with an end user using avatars or play the role of a virtual assistant.  Instead its functionality is that of a systems administrator, which is really what it is with greater intelligence, better understanding of its environment and automated action.   In essence therefore ignio™  is more aligned to IPsoft’s IPcenter™ platform or Arago’s Autopilot™ than it is to IPsoft Amelia™ or IBM Watson™.  In this competitive space, what TCS have done which is impressive is build a deep catalogue of knowledge about how to operate within the enterprise IT environments which is why they are suggesting that the initial implementations of ignio can be completed in as little as four weeks.  This pre-build knowledge is a significant advantage for TCS, although how it then “ingests” additional environment knowledge for each deployment is something we will want to understand better going forward.


While the ignio™ launch focused on infrastructure management processes, there is reason to see how this same approach could be extended to application management and business process automation as well over time.  That said, the application to business processes will take some time as it is more challenging as process environments are generally less homogenous than their IT equivalents.


igniostamps TCS’s proprietary footprint onto the autonomics market and brings new capabilities for the technology provider to share direct with clients as well as internally on infrastructure managed service deployments as well.


By committing to this new offering, TCS is raising the stakes for competitors  with a more polished and packaged proprietary product and we will be looking to see what they start sharing on their own autonomics strategies in the coming months as this has the potential to be a real game changer for now.