Points of View

Look Beyond Legacy Education To Avoid Falling Foul of Major Talent Shortages

Jun 04, 2019

As technology and business evolve at a frightening pace, don’t wallow in the talent crisis - look to non-traditional talent pools and re-skilling.

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Security leaders must combat the enemy within

Jun 03, 2019

This POV highlights the importance of monitoring internal security threats as they are more prolific than external threats within the enterprise.

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Fill the blanks in your supply chain with blockchain

May 31, 2019

Supply chain problems are not new, but solutions were not forthcoming until distributed ledgers and blockchain began making inroads into the world of supply chains.

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Enterprises, Escape Your RPA Pigeonhole Today to Achieve End-to-End Automation

May 31, 2019

HFS interviewed enterprises using RPA, service providers delivering RPA services, and RPA software companies to triangulate on the best ways to combine RPA and cognitive technologies to deliver advantages over standalone RPA.

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Sustainability: it’s time to get your act together or miss out on the value that others are currently realizing

May 23, 2019

Ingrain sustainability in top-level strategy to capture part of the $12 trillion on offer – partnerships can be an accelerating first step.

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TCS is the “Walmart of IT services,” but it needs to reach beyond its comfort IT clients to truly drive the Business 4.0 vision

May 22, 2019

TCS is quietly emerging as the “Walmart of IT services” with the depth and breadth to win and deliver any deal it wants. Its investments in innovation have been critical to this rise but it needs to bring more than IT leaders to the table...

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Executives and Security Officers, let’s get physical about security!

May 20, 2019

Physical security is a key concern for any organisation, but are you spending enough to secure yourself? HFS data has revealed that many organisations acknowledge physical security to be a problem but haven’t adequately invested enough prepare themselves.

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Security Leaders: You Must Share Corporate Mindshare Across the Virtual and the Physical, or Risk Embarrassing Information Security Blunders

May 16, 2019

Enterprise leaders and the growing population of chief information security officers must act now to ensure their cybersecurity policy stretches to physical devices, too, including when employees are travelling or working remotely.

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Biometric Security Isn’t Just a Fad; Security Executives Must Look at Evolving Solutions to Secure Enterprises

May 15, 2019

Biometric security solutions are evolving, and in many cases, they are becoming commonplace—security executives must examine the growing market for solutions that fit their enterprise.

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