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HFS Announces 2019 Research Agenda: Beyond OneOffice

January 09, 2019

NEW YORK (DECEMBER 6, 2018) — HFS Research unveiled its visionary 2019 Research Agenda, which not only guides enterprise leaders to the Digital OneOfficeTM endstate, but peers deep into the future to unravel how enterprise operations will evolve in this Hyper-Connected Economy.


Read the 2019 Research Agenda: Beyond OneOffice.


The breath-taking advancements in technology are pushing the boundaries of enterprise value creation. The journey started with the rise of Shared Services and Outsourcing (SSO), evolved into Global Business Services (GBS) driven by End-to-End (E2E) Processes, and is now starting to culminate with the advent of what HFS calls the “Digital OneOffice.” Organizational silos around front-, middle-, and back-office are starting to collapse to create a boundary-less organization where there is only one office that matters – and that is the office that caters to the customer.


The value proposition, the change agents, the underlying talent requirements and the role of third-parties has evolved significantly over the years. This journey to the one office has taken more than 20 years and continues to evolve. However, the triple-A trifecta of automation, artificial intelligence, and smart analytics is helping organizations reach their one office goals at a much faster pace.


The HFS 2019 Research Agenda details the coming year’s research coverage and services in detail, all of which revolve around the new theme: “Exploring the Next Frontier Beyond OneOffice.” Not content to rest on laurels, HFS now asks: What’s beyond the OneOffice? HFS believes that as organizational silos converge, ecosystems will start to develop and a “Hyper-Connected Enterprise” will emerge. These B2B networks will be driven by collaboration across multiple organizations with common objectives around driving a completely new source(s) of value. The emergence of blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT) is starting to make this vision of a shared economy with distributed and trustworthy information a reality.


 Source: HFS Research, 2018


Phil Fersht, CEO and Chief Analyst, HFS Research: “HFS has been ahead of the curve when it comes to researching change-agent technologies and their impact on businesses and industries.  We were the first analyst to introduce Robotic Process Automation to industry in 2012 and have built on this research to explore how enterprise leaders need to manage the intersections of automation, AI and analytics to keep ahead of their markets. The era into which we’re hurtling is increasingly hyper-connected and we’re pushing ourselves to keep steering the narrative, based on our data and insights.”


HFS’ 2019 Research Agenda explores the breathtaking advancements in technology enabling the Digital OneOffice and leading to the creation of a Hyper-Connected Enterprise.


Saurabh Gupta, Chief Strategy Officer, HFS Research: “What you can expect in the new year is for HFS to build on our flagship OneOffice framework but push our analysis and understanding even further. We have aggressive plans to develop bottoms-up research and interactive tools that will be centered around the voice of the customer. I’m looking forward to the insights that we’ll collectively discover through our research process and at our FORA Summits and roundtables.”


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