HFS Announces the Analyst Industry’s Most Realistic Research Agenda for 2020: 10 Years Onwards…


November 25, 2019

NEW YORK (NOVEMBER 25, 2019) — Today HFS Research unveiled its visionary 2020 Research Agenda, which promises to be a beacon for enterprises globally in its mission to define business operations and their technology enablement in the next decade.


Last year’s Agenda centred around the theme: “Exploring the Next Frontier Beyond OneOfficeTM, and signposted the emergence of the Hyperconnected Enterprise; B2B supply chains driven by collaboration across multiple organizations with common objectives around driving completely new sources of business value.

This latest programme of research goes further and deeper than ever before, covering not only a much expanded array of emerging technology change agents (including RPA, AI, blockchain, Machine Learning, and Process Mining as well as IoT, Data Sciences and Talent Strategy), but HFS has dedicated industry practises across banking and financial services, insurance, manufacturing, technology media and telecom, healthcare, retail, CPG, travel and others.

HFS will continue its unrivalled coverage of IT and Business Services, as well as a full suite of Interactive data Tools and Market Analyses.

Phil Fersht, CEO and Chief Analyst, HFS Research: “Over the past decade of HFS, we’ve stayed true to our reputation for calling out real industry truths and shying away from pandering to vendor marketing to grow a truly global, high-impact organization.  Our recent establishment of analyst academies in Chicago US and Cambridge UK also helps HFS maintain the freshest voice in the research industry where we embrace respected analyst veterans with curious young minds to shape our complex future.”

Saurabh Gupta, Chief Strategy Officer, HFS Research: “2020 is a special year – HFS celebrates its 10th year birthday and the global operations industry embarks on an exciting new decade. The OneOfficeTM experience, digital disruption, and data explosion is driving the need to fundamentally rewire IT and business operations. The potential of emerging technologies is also unquestionable. But “how” to reach the promised land remains murky. Our research team is focused entirely on providing visionary insights into the impact of emerging technologies on businesses and industries, not technology itself. We’ve designed our research program to confidently steer our clients into the hyperconnected future state. The journey will be challenging but exciting, so hop on!”

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