HFS Launches Graduate Academy to Develop the Next Generation of Analysts



Continuing its mission to disrupt the analyst industry, HFS is pleased to announce the official launch of its Graduate Academy, which will train the next generation of analysts. Injecting fresh passion, enthusiasm and a broader perspective into its award-winning market commentary.


The Academy already has in place its first cohort of bright graduates, hailing from a range of academic backgrounds including Economics, History, Neuroscience, Engineering, and Manufacturing. The new team will start by supporting the existing analysts. Helping HFS Research to deliver its most ambitious research agenda to date.


Phil Fersht, CEO of HFS Research, announced the launch of the Academy this week, saying “We’re investing in young talent to shake up the legacy analyst model, and drive insights that are relevant to the evolving business environment. As well as implementing our global growth strategy and continuing to broaden our research coverage.”


The HFS Academy will be located in Cambridge, UK and attracting some of the best and brightest from the world’s leading Universities.


The first cohort of graduates – Sam Duncan, Brier Rigby Dames, Josh Matthews, and Callum Moore are already in place and adding value to existing research projects under the mentorship of Ollie O’Donoghue, Vice President, HFS Academy.


Chichi Ogwe, who graduated with a degree in Politics and Sociology, will be supporting the analysts from a marketing perspective.


“This is a very exciting initiative which not only helps to bring fresh perspective to HFS, but also promises to build up the next generation of top-tier analysts,” he said. “The Academy is already shaping the future direction of our research, examining exciting topics such as the impact of digital start-ups and the ethics of AI. Providing a new generation of business leaders with the fresh perspective they crave. Delivered by the new generation of analysts.”


HFS Research has developed a reputation for candid and impactful insights, and the new Academy initiative will help continue this work and bolster the quickly growing coverage areas of the firm.




About HFS Research


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