HFS Presents the Women in Business Roundtable



Produced in partnership with Wipro, HFS Research will be running a roundtable event to honor women and champion inclusion and diversity in a hyper-connected economy. The Women in Business Roundtable will occur on Friday, March 8, 2019, on International Women’s Day, at The Dorchester Hotel in London, and it will play host to several leaders from the worlds of finance, operations, digital and global business services.


Lucy Timms, Client Services Director & Chair of the Women Leadership Roundtables of HFS Research, will chair the event, along with co-host Sharmila Paranjpe, Vice President and President and Country Head for UK & Ireland, Wipro Limited, and Pooneh Fooladi, Guest Analyst of HFS Research. Excited to be hosting the event, Lucy says, “I am really keen to hear from our roundtable participants about how they are preventing AI bias and shaping their diversity and inclusion programmes in this hyper-connected economy.” Sharmila Paranjpe, Vice President and Country Head for UK & Ireland of Wipro Limited, says, “I look forward to discussing how we can encourage a diverse workplace in which all our employees feel respected, engaged and motivated. We have to take this journey collectively.”


The topic of the roundtable will focus on how to drive an inclusive, varied and diverse culture in the current economy. HFS Research will explore how the workplace can promote diversity in the mainstream and gig economies, AI’s capabilities in the current economy and how to create an environment where individual identities can flourish regardless of their background.


Phil Fersht, CEO and Chief Analyst of HFS Research, says: “We are running the Women In Business Roundtable, where some of the best leaders can share their insights. At HFS, 56% of employees are women so we recognize the importance of a workplace that gives women the chance to grow within the work of technology and business.”

 “It’s important because currently, we need to highlight strategies to help encourage inclusion and enable all people from all backgrounds the opportunities to succeed, progress and thrive. Diversity isn’t a marketing ploy or the special buzzword of the day: it’s a way of life, the way of the world, and it’s changing the workforce.”


Some of the leaders attending the event are looking forward to participating in these discussions and they are ready to share their thoughts. Netsai Magwende, Head of Finance for Great Britain at Willis Towers Watson, says, “Diversity and inclusion (D&I) is of strategic importance to my company and I. I’m really keen to discuss what can be done to ensure D&I is maintained in a disruptive digital world at the upcoming FORA roundtable.”


Speaking about women in work and the Women In Business Roundtable, Alison Strutt, Head of Finance & Operations, NodThera Limited, says, “I am really passionate about supporting women coming up through the ranks to reach their full potential. The working environment can adapt and change in the future to be more conducive to inclusivity and diversity.”


HFS Research will look at diversity and inclusion in the context of artificial intelligence, and examining how to ensure AI is unbiased, fair and sustainable in the hyper-connected economy in the long term. Dr Jayshree Kottapalli, Group Head of Analytics, Data and AI, Vodafone Group Plc, says she is “looking forward to initiating discussions on AI ethics and inclusiveness strategy in an increasingly machine-led, global environment at the upcoming FORA roundtable.”


HFS Research has an esteemed place in the world of research, and the Women In Business Roundtable is the event that will showcase the firm as the pioneers of inclusion and diversity in technology.



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