Future-proof your strategy by using HFS as a sounding board to get unvarnished and objective outside-in perspectives.

HFS prides itself on the ability to provide visionary insight into major innovations impacting business operations. From our expert knowledge and data we have drawn in a broad array of industry leaders to our global community, who respect our honest viewpoints. We offer our clients access into this community and knowledge, helping you strategize for the future and keep up with the sphere of digital change agents and best practices.

Analyst Inquiries

With HFS Analyst inquiries, you can gain access to our complete body of knowledge, to make real-time, research-based decisions.

Utilising the HFS research and analytical teams alongside our breakthrough research and content, we can help you frame and highlight your strategies and messages to the market.

What you get:

  • Point(s) of contact within HFS Research if you need assistance scheduling calls.
  • The ability to schedule calls anytime, anywhere
  • One-on-one, collaborative sessions with industry analyst experts who can answer your questions covering various digital change agents.

Booking your Analyst inquiry:

Contact Us for more information about Analyst Inquiry engagements.

HFS ThinkTanks

Leverage HFS research and analysts’ experience as a sounding board. At ThinkTanks we invite our clients to drive joint problem solving with outside-in perspectives on HFS on specific problem statement. Our ThinkTanks are driven by design thinking principles: observe, research, ideate, and collaborate to make informed decisions. HFS ThinkTanks have two flavours: 3 hour virtual session and 5 hour in-person sessions.

We have a dedicated ThinkTank laboratory in Cambridge (England) for full-day sessions, where customers, suppliers, investors and advisors are invited to participate in joint problem-solving engagements. And yes, we lock all our phones away in a safe, while we moderate the ThinkTank process.

Typical HFS ThinkTank process (customized in consultation with the client and the nature of the underlying problem statement):

Project Kickoff This is a 30-60 minute meeting
Plan and Prepare (2-3 weeks) Before the workshop, HFS develops client-specific content and perspectives
ThinkTank Workshop Collaborative 3 hour virtual session or 5-hour in-person session
Post Workshop About a week post workshop, we deliver or wrap-up and meet with the sponsor

1. Project Kickoff

  • Client briefs HFS on current thinking/strategy related to the ThinkTank topic.
  • Jointly develop ThinkTank agenda.
  • Identify attendees and agree on logistics.

2. Plan and Prepare

  • Client shares any further material with HFS (if available) that will help us understand the context and prepare for ThinkTank.
  • HFS prepares relevant and client-specific content for the ThinkTank.
  • HFS conducts additional research (if required) to support content.

3. ThinkTank Workshop

Typical agenda (for 5-hour in-person session)

  • 30 mins: Introductions and context setting.
  • 60 mins HFS outside-in perspectives on both client needs and competitive landscape.
  • 15 mins: Break
  • 60 mins: HFS shares SWOT analysis
  • 60 mins: HFS shares suggestions and recommendations around priority areas
  • 60 mins: Joint brainstorming on next steps
  • 15 mins: Wrap-up Drinks, dinner and discussion on learnings (optional)

4. Post Workshop

HFS shares brief write-up including:

  • Workshop summary
  • HFS observations and insights
  • HFS key recommendations

We’ll have a 30-minute conversation with the key client sponsor to discuss findings and potential next steps.

What you get:

  • Full-day sessions with HFS Analysts
  • Highly collaborative, personalized sessions
  • Problem-solving through a unique combination of Design Thinking techniques and HFS research
  • Flexibility – we can host the sessions at our ThinkTank location or on your company’s site.

Booking your Analyst inquiry:

HFS welcomes interest from Stakeholders across the industry. Contact us and we will be in touch

Speaking Engagements (external audience)

HFS is recognized around the world for our distinctive style and voice and has an unrivalled network of more than 100,000 service professionals. At HFS we are pleased to bring relevant discussions, challenges and complexities to the forefront with a regular line up of live events, webinars, videos and podcasts. HFS experts are available to deliver presentations, a keynote, or an address to your clients, partners and/or delegates at your events.

What you get:

  • High impact, tailored presentations to suit your audience and event
  • Industry experts presenting the latest HFS Research
  • The chance for a ‘Meet and Greet’ with HFS Analysts, who are happy to answer questions and partake in collaborative discussions
  • Event marketing via HFS’s communication and community channels

Booking a speaking engagement:

Contact us for more information on our speaking engagements and booking procedures.

HFS Peer Assessments

Learn from the mistakes that your peers made! While no two organizations are the same, enterprises driving transformation are often too inward-focused missing out on the opportunity to learn from industry peers who are on a similar journey.

Use the HFS Global 2000 enterprise network to make more informed decisions through HFS peer assessments. In addition to leveraging its existing research and IP, HFS reaches out to 5-7 relevant global 2000 clients to gather additional insights around the specific client requirements. We undertake a series of structured interviews based on questionnaires designed in collaboration with the client and augment interview findings with existing relevant HFS research.

HFS delivers the research findings through a customized research report delivered as a collaborative ThinkTank.

Contact us for more information about HFS Peer Assessments

HFS Training for partnership management

Legacy mindset and approach to managing your third-party relationships are no longer effective in meeting your organization’s strategic objective. The advent of emerging technologies is drastically changing how we manage our services relationships, how we govern them, and how we drive value.

Leverage HFS analysts to share their experience and perspectives with the training curriculum. We typically deliver training sessions in-person and we customize the modules to best serve the client needs.

Contact us for more information about HFS training programs

1. Managing Third-Party ServiceProviders
1.1 Relationship Management 1.2 Outsourcing Contracts 1.3 Governance
1.1.1 Service Quality & Performance Management 1.2.1 Service Scope Management 1.2.2 Contract & Compliance Management 1.3.1 Governance Program Management 1.3.2 Financial Management

HFS M&A Support

The global team of experienced HFS analysts supports clients during merger and acquisition (M&A) activities.

Our approach is research-intensive, unbiased, and confidential. We combine market data and financial analysis with deep industry knowledge to help clients assess and achieve their strategic M&A objectives.

The markets where we support M&A activities include IT / business services and emerging technologies (Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Internet of Things, Digital Business Models, and Smart Analytics).

Potential areas of HFS support for M&A:

  • Market assessment: Market attractiveness based on HFS assessment of market dynamics and disruptive threats.
  • Portfolio and strategy review: We identify gaps, provide case studies for disruptive threats, and give innovative ideas for bullet-proofing.
  • Identifying acquisition targets: We are able to help our clients identify potential targets given our regular and ongoing analysis of start-up firms and emerging players with unique digital business models.
  • Screening framework for suitable companies: We provide an initial in-depth analysis of the potential M&A targets incl. alignment with an investment thesis, competitive differentiators, SWOT analysis, assessment of acquisition or partnering viability, and impact on target markets

Contact us for more information about HFS M&A support services

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