HfS 1-2-3-4 Research Agenda

The HfS 1-2-3-4 Research Agenda serves the real needs of our clients. It aims to deliver impactful knowledge and insights that will help our clients survive and succeed in the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous) world that we all live in.


01: Comprehensive OneOffice Coverage


02: Embedded in the Analyst 2.0 Model


03: Forward-looking across Three Horizons


04: 4D View of Business Operations


For the last two years, HfS Research has researched and shared the change and solution ideals of the As-a-Service Economy (see link) as a way to redefine and increase the value of shared services and outsourcing. These Eight Ideals that address talent, process, and digital technology are the way enterprises can continue to achieve value from their business operations, beyond merely keeping costs low and legacy processes functional.


Our 2017 research theme is all about “making it real,” where we explore real experiences (examples) in breaking down legacy silos and mindsets inhibiting change, where enterprises and their partners are placing the needs of their customers at the heart of their operations -- The Digital OneOffice™ (see link).


HfS Blueprints and Emerging Market Guides are research-based reports (see link) on how enterprises can and are partnering As-a-Service to achieve this OneOffice. Blueprints cover established markets and emerging market guides address newer areas for services. The reports cover trends and themes on the combinations of talent and technology for business outcomes, service provider analysis, and recommendations for partnering. Here's the publication schedule for these Reports (subject to change):


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2018 Research Agenda