HFS 1-2-3-4 Research Agenda

The HFS 1-2-3-4 research agenda serves the real needs of our clients. It aims to deliver impactful knowledge and insights that will help our clients survive and succeed in the VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) world that we all live in.




HFS defines and visualizes the future of business operations across key industries with our Digital OneOffice™ Framework. Our research coverage brings together our collective knowledge across change agents, business functions, and industries to help clients solve real business issues.



We have replaced our erstwhile Blueprint reports with the innovative HFS Top 10 reports. Our clients want rankings where the analyst take a stand, not merely a fuzzy matrix where everyone looks like a winner. That is what we are delivering with the HFS Top 10. HFS will no longer produce Blueprint reports, including snapshots and emerging market guides.




There are five key differences in methodology between HFS TOP 10 and the erstwhile Blueprint reports:


  1.  Ranking, not Grid: The HFS Top 10 is presented as a simple and clear ranking of assessed products/service providers versus the Blueprint grid.

  2. Equal weighting across voice of the customer, execution success, and innovation capability: The HFS Top 10 methodology is driven by client experience with products/services (voice of the customer) in addition to provider’s ability to execute and innovate.

  3. Powered by HFS G2000 network: The primary source of data for the HFS Top 10 reports is HFS’ extensive network of G2000 enterprise clients. HFS will gather information via surveys, analyst interviews, and ongoing dialog with clients versus relying on data inputs from service providers. HFS conducts over 5,000 interviews a year with enterprise customers right across the six change agent areas of our research coverage: RPA, AI, smart analytics, global sourcing, blockchain, and digital business models.

  4. Not reliant on provider RFI responses: The Top HFS Top 10 report methodology does not rely on the use of old-school traditional approaches of collecting data through provider RFIs. We welcome providers to augment our analysts’ knowledge base through structured briefings, demos, and reference clients, but this not a necessary component in the process. We will not allow providers to slow-down our research processes.

  5. No opt-outs: There is no opt-out for leading providers given HFS is relying 100% on its own network and data sets.

The HFS Top 10 presents the voice of the customer in a more meaningful way to enterprises. It also enables analysts and vendor executives to engage in a less stressful and apolitical manner. This also refocuses the analyst/vendor relationship more around valuable conversation and strategy, and less around the “he said, she said” tactical bake-off, which the legacy quadrant model forces.

Download our 2018 Top 10 research agenda to view the published and upcoming Top 10 reports as well as our responses to frequently asked questions on our Top 10 research approach. 



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