HFS Core Team

Callum Moore

Research Analyst

Callum Moore is a Research Analyst based in Cambridge. He previously completed a Master’s programme covering Intelligence & Strategic Studies at Aberystwyth University. His research focused on counterinsurgency in rural and urban environments and delved into the art of influencing civilian populations.

Callum proceeded to work in several security-related positions following his studies. Including as an open source intelligence analyst. These experiences have given him a deep knowledge of security leading to him publishing work with the British Army.

Since joining HFS, Callum has developed his understanding of Cyber-Security and continues to explore new research fields. In addition, he has played and active role in leading the HFS Hot Vendors programme since late 2019 amongst other projects.
Callum has a keen interest in sports and enjoys his football, running, boxing and Krav Maga. On the weekends he can be found roaming through the hills and mountains of Britain or picking off his opposition at the clay shooting ground.