HFS Core Team

Hannah McBeth

Digital Marketing and Editorial Manager

Hannah is the Marketing and Digital Content Executive at HFS Research and has over five years of experience managing the creation and publication cycle of marketing content for print, social media, video, and the web for a B2B audience.


Hannah achieved a First Master’s degree from the University of Cambridge in Cultural Anthropology and was a member of several of Cambridge publications’ editorial boards.  Prior to this, she graduated with Honors BAs in the History of Art and Classics and multiple research and writing honors, including being named a Utah finalist for the US Marshall Scholarship.


After working at Oracle Corporation in the USA, she moved to the marketing department of a global vitamin company, where she managed a writing team and was responsible for producing original content across traditional and digital media in several languages. In recent years, Hannah has written for numerous newspapers, digital outlets, and clients, specializing in technology and culture.


She enjoys hiking, rock climbing, and travel, and has backpacked both throughout the American Southwest and a total of 17 countries in North America and Europe. Hannah reads and writes short stories in her spare time, with a penchant for Sci-Fi.