HFS Core Team

Maria Terekhova

Senior Research Analyst

Maria Terekhova is a Senior Research Analyst at HFS Research.


Before joining HFS, Maria was a research analyst covering fintech at Business Insider Intelligence, based out of London. She took away a deep interest in all matters AI, blockchain, and the digital disruption of niche sectors that needed a rude awakening, not least insurance, mortgages, and credit scoring.


Before becoming an analyst, Maria wrote for publications within the Financial Times Group. Further back in time, she graduated with a first degree from King's College London (English Language and Literature) and a first Masters degree from the University of Cambridge (HPS of Science, Technology, and Medicine).


In her spare time, Maria reads just about everything (with a particular preference for historical nonfiction and Victorian novels), enjoys anything to do with Copenhagen, finding music with great lyrics, and learning about wines. She also likes drawing and creative writing.