Peter Kuipers

Peter Kuipers is the Chief Commercial Officer for HFS Research. Peter supports the expansion of business opportunities, client development and client services.


Peter’s daily job is all about supporting our world-class solutions to help HFS customers deal with emerging issues, such as Digital Transformation, Robotic Process Automation and Cognitive Computing in the As-a-Service economy.


Peter has extensive experience in servicing SME’s and corporate organizations with their client sales, services and operations. Most recently, Peter was the COO of Hilf Telecom in the Netherlands.


Over the last 25 years, Peter has lived and worked in Europe, where he held senior management positions for numerous global brands, including LeaseWeb, Easynet, Canon and Dell.


Peter has a big passion for skiing and teaching people how to ski. He has traveled all around the world to do his ski tricks. You can fly him up any mountain, let him jump out of a helicopter and he will still be the first man down the hill!
In addition he is active organizing ski trips for disabled skiers en help them have a great holiday.


When Peter is not traveling, business or pleasure, he resides near Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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