Elevate your team and solve business problems

ThinkTank Sessions opening to the public in Fall 2017


How we work


HfS' ThinkTank approach is all about getting the industry collaborating again. ThinkTanks are where we invite customers, suppliers, and advisors to drive joint problem-solving through Design Thinking techniques. It is where the HfS team challenges you, and you challenge us. Supported by our research, the results will drive genuine achievement, defining where you need to go and clearing the path to get there. And yes, we lock all our phones away in a safe, while we drive the whole ThinkTank process.


The mantra is that the analyst role is shifting from passive observer to facilitator. To make this happen, we have dedicated an entire floor of our new offices in Cambridge (England), in addition to facilities in Chicago and Boston, to hosting day-long ThinkTank sessions with our clients. 


What you will get


- Highly collaborative, personalized sessions

- Problem-solving through a unique combination of Design Thinking techniques and HfS' research


Booking a session


HfS welcomes interest from stakeholders all across the industry. Are you interested in participating? Reach out to HfS Research and we will be in touch.



"HfS' ThinkTank sessions aim to provide a framework for rapid problem solving that calls on each participant's input. Taking part in a ThinkTank session will result in quicker decision-making for your team, and more creativity in solving complex business problems." 


- Phil Fersht, CEO and Chief Analyst, HfS Research