Artificial Intelligence

Process industries must combine synthetic data with human experience to capture AI value

May 14, 2019

Poor data plagues the process manufacturing industry. Drive the adoption of AI and analytics by combining synthetic data with workforce experience.

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HFS Top 10 Google AI Services

May 03, 2019

This HFS Google AI Services Top 10 Report examines the part service providers are playing in the nascent Google AI landscape. We assessed and rated the Google AI services capabilities of 14 service providers.

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10 imperative actions to get ahead of People, Power, and Politics in AI

Apr 26, 2019

The 3P challenges - People, Power distance and Politics - can eat the best of AI algorithms and solutions for breakfast, lunch and dinner. These softer than software issues pose much bigger adoption problems than the technologies themselves.

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Solve your AI talent challenges with crowdsourcing and gamification: Five practices to follow

Apr 25, 2019

Enterprise AI leaders and their HR or talent practice partners will have to fundamentally shift their thinking from “hiring” AI talent to dynamically right-sourcing the right talent for the right duration to work on the right problems.

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